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Delicious Wedding Cakes Since 1986

JaCiva’s has been baking Portlanders beautiful and memorable wedding cakes for 30 years. Our dedicated staff of wedding cake coordinators and cake decorators strive to help make your dream cake a reality by working closely with you throughout the design process.


JaCiva’s wedding cakes are not like any other Portland bakery’s. We do not use fondant (yuck!) and our buttercream is made with real butter. Our cakes are decorated with care using our Swiss buttercream and chocolate leather (used to make realistic flowers, bows, and other decorative accents), and each cake is treated as a true work of art by our cake artists.


Want to know more? Call JaCiva’s today to set up a complimentary consultation and cake tasting with one of our wedding cake coordinators. During your appointment, you will be able to taste our cake and filling flavors, discuss decorations, and get a price quote.


JaCiva’s offers delivery of tiered cakes to a wide radius in the Portland Metropolotian area. Charges vary depending on location, but start at as low as $50.

Tiered cakes aren’t just for weddings anymore! They also make a great addition to any birthday, anniversary, baby shower, anniversary, or retirement party.


If you want to know more about going the extra mile for your event, give us a call at 503-234-8115 or email our wedding coordinator at to set up an appointment. 


Wedding Cake Base Prices

Prices vary depending on degree of decoration

20 Servings
Tier sizes - 9" and 6"
Base Price $118

30 Servings
Tier Sizes 10" and 7"
Base Price $159

50 Servings
Tier Sizes - 12" and 8"
Base Price $252

75 Servings
Tier Sizes - 12", 9" and 6"
Base Price $356

100 Servings
Tier sizes - 14", 10" and 7"
Base Price $396

125 Servings
Tier Sizes 14", 10", 8" and 6"
Base Price $475

150 Servings
Tier Sizes - 16", 12", 8" and 6"
Base Price $558

200 Servings
Tier Sizes - 18", 14", 10" and 7"
Base Price $729

250 Servings
Tier sizes - 20", 14", 10" and 7"
Base Price$1,039

300 Servings
Tier Sizes - 20", 16", 10", 8" and 6"
Base Price $1,169
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