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Our Mission

JaCiva’s Bakery and Chocolatier has been providing Portland, Oregon with the finest cakes, European chocolates, Swiss pastries, and baked goods since first opening their doors in 1986. For generations, JaCiva’s has been regarded as one of the most established and distinguished Portland bakeries.


At JaCiva’s we aim to maintain family values and a small business atmosphere by using high quality ingredients and traditional methods. We put joy and love into every product we make. Our quality pastries, cookies, chocolates, and cakes have remained so fantastic for 35 years because we place a high value on every employee being passionate for the art of desert making.


Come into our shop, located in the heart of Southeast Portland to place an order, enjoy a sweet treat, pick up a last minute cake, or to simply experience a rich piece of Portland history!

Jaciva's - A Portland Tradition

Jack and Iva

JaCiva’s Bakery was founded by husband-and-wife duo Jack and Iva Elmer on December 6th, 1986, who cleverly named their bakery by combining their names. Jack and Iva perfected their chocolates and desserts by unifying their individual skills and talents. Chef Jack, with his formal Swiss pastry education and passion for baking, created each recipe with love and care. Iva, with her innovative creativity and love for her community, helped to shape JaCiva’s Bakery into a unique part of Portland’s history where every customer feels at home.



For years, Jack and Iva worked at perfecting their product and their business. They have received over 50 awards and a multitude of acknowledgements for their achievements in baking and chocolate making, including the Achievement of Excellence Award from the American Culinary Foundation, the Autsin Family Business Award, the Master Chocolatier Award, and a gold medal from the U.S. Pastry Alliance, to name a few.

Celebrating Over 35 Years in Portland


Customers have been coming to JaCiva’s for 35 years not only for the sweet treats, but for the friendship, love, and community that Jack and Iva created within the walls of their bakery and beyond. Today, JaCiva’s continues to embody the foundation of a deep sense of community and love that was established by Jack and Iva Elmer.


Making Cakes